Saturday, April 21, 2012

_stop hurt me_

:t:dear you:t:

what i wish is u can stop hurt me ... I;m not strong enough to face it at all. sudah cukup bagus kalau u tahu aku tipu diri sendiri,yes I admit ... I;m not saying that i;m good tp aku mo hubungan yg baik dgn kau seperti kau bersama dengan teman2 yg lain ... jangan bezakan aku dgn yg lain sebab aku pun ada perasaan juga :68:

:116:oh dear plz stop make me feels sad .. but for sure i;m here for u,i;m not leaving u. but sometimes i'm scared if someday I lost my heart n forget u :face47: I won't let it happened but why should I if there's nothing for me to hoped :119:

lasty .. If u do love me plz come back but if u not,you know what to do ...



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